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My wife is a woman possessed when it comes to gardening. A few years ago, we left the urban subdivision because her yard was full and she had no more room for the many plants she still "needed". We moved to 10 acres a little bit in the country. Now she has a very big yard.

She often likes to compliment and accent her landscape designs with what she calls "garden jewelry". But she would often have a vision of the piece she wanted, but couldn't find it.

By working with metal, I could create almost anything she could imagine. She would say "I want a flamingo", and I'd make it for her. Soon friends and neighbors saw our new Garden Landscaping Art and wanted it. Knowing there are many other avid gardeners like my wife, we decided we needed to share the love and our little business was born.

Everything is made with high quality heavy 11 gauge steel and designed to age gracefully with the natural patina of rust. Nothing is painted and made to blend naturally into the garden environment.

Hopefully, you will find some of our Whimsical Metal Sculpture to enhance your own Garden Landscape. When you receive compliments and are asked "Where did you get that?", please tell them about about our web site. Thanks!

Lee Graham, Outdoor Metal Sculpture Artist at Garden Landscaping Art

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Garden Landscaping Art takes your idea and makes it reality!

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